Kitchen Designs with Islands for the Small Kitchen

If your kitchen comes in a small kitchen, then for choosing the kitchen design with island is the best plan to obtain. In this kitchen with island will make you easier to place the bar stools that will simplify your kitchen to be together with your dining room. Moreover you will obtain the sink and the faucet in the kitchen island to save the place. I do really know the small spaces of kitchen will little bit annoys you. Then you can try to make the sense and look there become more spacious.

To make your kitchen become more spacious you can try to use this kind of kitchen with island. Then you can also set the kitchen wall and the floor and the other aspects that really affect to the wide look that will easily obtained by your kitchen. Then you can choose the counters and the cabinets that come in a simple and minimalist design. The modern look is better for your small kitchen, so just make it in a modern kitchen with the shade of modern colors and the simple stuffs.
Set the Wall and the Floor

After you obtain the kitchen island in a soft colors for your small kitchen, you can start to set the wall in a natural or soft colors to make your kitchen looks more spacious. The natural colors are like white, ivory, grey, green, and brown. The soft colors are all of the colors that has soft initial name together with amber, scarlet and turquoise. Then for the floor you can set it in a white or black floor. If you try to obtain it in a wooden colors, you just try to match it with the wall color, if it is come in a bold colors then the dark wooden colors is good, if it is in a soft the pale one is better.
Set the Lighting

The lighting that you will trim your kitchen perfectly is the one that come in white bright light lamps. You can set the chandelier, wall lamps, sitting lamps, standing lamps, or even the hidden lamps in the white bright light to make you have the clear sight while you are doing your activity in your kitchen. You can also try to obtain the wide windows there to obtain the sun shine through it to make you do not have to set too many the lamps in your kitchen in a day light.