Minimalist Japanese House for a Brilliant Design

My older brother wanted me to take after my nephew for several days in his minimalist Japanese house. My older brother has modern house compared to the house in his neighborhood. He has quite large landscape for building the house. Yet, he did not spend all the landscape for the building. He left it for the front yard. My older brother built the house in two floor levels. He placed the public space in the ground floor, and then the private space in the first floor.
Talking about the House

When my older brother called me that time, I arrived to his house a day after that. I arrived in front of his steel webbing fence. I stepped forward and looked around for the house. It was quiet environment for a house. The house is like a big cube every time I see the house. My brother only added the large window and large glass doors. I also saw the steel and glass balcony fence in the balcony. My older brother built the house with grey steel walls to the house.
Coming Inside of the House

Coming inside to the house is the interesting thing for me. My brother designed the interior in a brilliant design. I entered to the white entrance door. There, I saw the shoes shelves and white bicycle. I turned left to come in the main room. It is the living room. I still saw the layout has not change yet since I visited there last year. I saw the brown sofa in the middle of the room. In front of it, I saw the large screen television above the television cabinet. On the left side of the television, he added the traditional Japanese room. Meanwhile, he built the kitchen and the dining room behind the living room. Hence, my sister in law could cook while watching television.

Furthermore, I went upstairs to place my luggage in my room. Actually, I stayed in my older brother’s room when he went to outside country with my sister in law. He has wooden bed frame with large walking closet in the room. He also put the navy blue bedcover on the bed. However, I would stay there for several days with my nephew.