Modern Bedroom Ideas for Changing the Bedroom’s Ambiance

I went to my uncle’s house in which has some modern bedroom ideas, I think. My uncle is one of the interior design lovers. He always sees the new interior designs especially for the bedroom designs. He likes to renovate the bedrooms of the house every three years or less. He wanted to create the new ambiance through changing the bedroom design. It is because he thinks that the bedroom is the important part of a life. People will start their day from the bed and end the day in a bed as well.

I have been in my uncle’s house for several hours. Like usual, I will stay for dinner. In the afternoon, my uncle wanted to show his new bedroom design. He said that I am lucky because he just finished the bedroom a week ago. He asked me to follow him to his bedroom. My uncle knows that I also like the bedroom designs. Hence, he showed me his room. The room is not big as we can think. It has a medium size for a bedroom if I can say.
My Uncle’s Bedroom

My uncle and I entered the room. I saw the wall has changed from the previous design. My uncle placed the wooden bed frame there. He installed the digital fireplace on the wall. It will give the warmer atmosphere around the room. Then, he placed the white ornamented wall panel behind the head board. My uncle then maintained the lighting system as well. He installed the cube hanging lamp above his bed. It makes something different for the master bedroom. Moreover, my uncle also placed the eccentric rug design in front of his bed.
My Cousin’s Room

Furthermore, my uncle also showed me my cousin’s bedroom. He said that he maintained the design there. I entered the room. Then, I saw the black wooden bed frame with high head board stuck on the wall. He installed the white long curtain as the room partition. He wanted to build private study space for his son. Then, I saw the white desk with white chair behind the curtain. However, it was the memorable experience for enriching my knowledge anyway.