Office Interior Designs with Color Block Theme

I ever saw the beautiful office interior designs in my father’s office, my mother’s and my brother’s. My father’s office is information technology office that really busy that makes the employee there can talk to each others just in a lunch time. I thought that was really boring to work there every day, but the setting of the office that make the sense there not really boring then maybe can heal the employee boringness there. My father’s is one of the employee that work there and my father convey that he is really like his yellow desk that combined with the grey floor and the black wall perfectly.

Then my mother’s office is located not really far from my father’s office. Only fifteen minutes by car. When I went to my mother’s office I just wait her in the longue that come really modern. Just for information, my mother works in a magazine company, and she is an editors, I know that she is really busy then I just can met her in longue. The longue is really beautiful; it is come in a sweet color block of white and pink couches. Then the floor just set in grey then the lamps set in a simple design that made me really comfortable while waited for my mom.
Modern Office Longue with Color Block

Then after my father’s and my mother’s office, I want to describe my brother’s office that come really modern. The first room that I want to tell is the longue that come really adorably modern. The modern sense there created from the color block that set in white and lime green interior design. Te wall is painted in two colors, white and lime green, so on with the floor. The seats set in white and the couches in black. The table is come a set with the floor then the sense there become so magnificent.
The Office Room

Then after a while I waited for my brother, I called by his assistant to come inside my brother’s office room. His office room comes really spacious with the minimalist look and natural color block. There the floor comes in grey and the wall is a combination color block theme from the wooden and the white wall. Then for the decoration, he set my mom’s my dad’s and my portrait right behind his black swivel chair. The most adorable there is the wide windows that set in his room; I can saw the beautiful scenery from there.