Pool House and Wine Cellar for Unique Modern House

A friend of mine built a new house of pool house and wine cellar in Tennessee, and then she invited all of her friend to have grateful party in her new house. She has given all of her friends including me the date of the party. She wanted to show her new house to all his friends, colleagues, and her family. She said to me before that her new house combined the elegance and luxurious theme to create the harmonization. Hence, I was there with the other guests in the party.
The Party Spot of the House

I arrived in her house that evening. I saw many people around the house while I was looking for my friend. I walked through the living room. She did not change the layout for the party. I saw the white sofa set in front of the wooden fireplace. There, I saw the two luxury chandeliers in a line. I also saw the wooden table with white chairs around the room. Moreover, I saw my friend in the swimming pool sitting on the white bench. It is the folding door connected the room and the outdoor place like swimming pool.
More about the Party Spot

While walking to the swimming pool, I saw the open kitchen concept. It has classic concept. I could see the yellow kitchen counter as the center of attention. She also placed brown wooden cabinets to the kitchen. Then, my friend came next to me. She greeted me and then she told me that she wanted to show her bedroom in upper floor. We went upstairs. I entered her room and saw chic and simple theme there. I saw the black bed with large mirrors. She also showed her luxurious bathroom with wooden bathtub.

Furthermore, my friend brought me to the place where I could see the wine cellar below. It has glass floor though. She placed the white leather sofa there. My friend then asked me to see the cellar. The cellar has different design. The wine shelves are featured with blue led lightings. Therefore, the wine cellar looks differently. However, the party was very fun for me anyway.