Swimming Pools Melbourne in the Backyard

My mother lives in Melbourne and she has built the house there, so that she built swimming pools Melbourne as well. She has ever told me that she built the fabulous swimming pool there. She asked me to get there to see how beautiful the place. Moreover, she also built a house with particular home design. She likes something in details. Hence, she told me to see her house. Thus, I planned to visit her house this holiday season. She has expected me to be there because I live in different city.
My Mother’s House

The holiday came early for that time. I went to my mother’s house. While I enjoyed the trip there, I could see the scenery along the street. I arrived in the front door of my mother’s house. She looked the exterior which is very great. My mother designed the house by herself. She integrated the modern design. Like other modern designs, the home design is simple and fresh, I thought. She likes cozy and comfort home living.
Looking inside the House

My mother asked me to come inside. She allowed me to take a rest first. Then, I was still curious to the swimming pool. I went outside to see the swimming pool. The swimming pool is built in the backyard. When I arrived in my mother’s house, it was in the afternoon. Thus, it was still in day light. Then, I wanted to see the ambiance when it is in the afternoon. I thought that the swimming pool is very incredible. The swimming pool is quite wide and long. I could see that the swimming pool is featured by the great decorations.

The day was going darker. The night was coming. I went inside while my mother prepared the party that night. I did not expect that she would hold a party in the swimming pool. She decorated the swimming pool. She turned on all the lamps. Moreover, she also turned on the underwater hidden lamps. On the other hands, she placed the swimming pool benches there. She also set the umbrella table for the guests. Hence, I thought the party would be fun and great.