Airy White Interior for Cozy Seaside Apartment

We can describe how much we love the white interior of this beautiful seaside apartment. Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, this apartment has been retouched by the brilliant Gal Levy and Dan Marcus. Despite its small size, you will later find out how this small living space has been incredibly done to provide total comfort for its residents, along with the absolute bright and airy impression due the generously use of white paint color.

Walking inside this small apartment, you can see how every space is maximized really well to meet the functionality of any ideal living space. The charming white interior design for the main living area is beautifully mixed with accent of warm tone, making the coziness along with warm atmosphere built easily. You can see it from this small living room equipped with cozy beige sofa that is open to the cozy small balcony through the use of transparent glass for wall space.

Another charming point of this apartment interior design is the lovely wooden frame for the glass element, serving as room partition without creating the narrow look for the interior. You can find it in this open kitchen space, where the wooden hint is employed for the room partition to separate this spacious cooking area with a perfectly isolated yet connected home office. It looks really lovely, isn’t it?

As you all may have known really well, the white color makes it easier for us to add other ones easily without disrupting the overall look. Instead, a pop of bright color may bring eye-catchy accent for any all-white room. Look at the lovely open transitional dining space that looks adorable with its bright red dining chairs. Walking into the bedroom, you will find the lovely splash of blue seen on the vintage floral bedding, making this white space living interior design looks totally refreshing effortlessly.