Cool Bedroom Ideas for Growing Up Twin

My brother wanted to build a new room for his twin, so he looked for cool bedroom ideas. He has boy-girl twin. Then, the twin has grown up to teenagers. Of course, they do not want to share the bedroom again. Their father planned to build a separated room for them. What he thought was about the additional room. He should redesign several parts of his house. He asked me about that. He told me how if he changed the bathroom in the twin room. Later on, the bathroom would be the extension.
Bedroom for the Girl

He started to design the room for his girl. The girl likes something in light color, but she is not very girly thing. It helps her father to maintain the room. My brother placed green gradation cupboard there. He also put the white wooden frame bed. He put the white desk completed with bookshelves there. He added the green chair to feature the desk. Then, he built the green cabinets above the desk. He added the white rug there. He also added pink floral bedcover and pink blanket on the bed. He also put pink pillows there. To protect the room from sunlight, he installed the white blinds.
Bedroom for the Boy

For the boy, my brother tried to design the manly theme. His boy likes something in simple with no ornament and graves. Of course, my brother would not difficult to design the room. He wanted to put grey buck bed. The upper bed is to sleep, whereas the lower bed is for bed bench. It could be multifunction bed. He can read and other activities in the bed bench. My brother placed the orange desk with the orange chair. Then, he added the green rug. Moreover, he added white sitting lamps as well.

My brother changed the bathroom becoming the spacious space. The bathroom was inside the bedroom. Then, he has removed all the things inside the former twin bedroom. He planned to divide the space into two by building a cemented wall there. Of course, it would take longer time. Yet, it should have the best result ever for the twin.