Exciting Mini Bar Designs for Fun Living Experience

Home is not always considered as sanctuary that serves only to relax after busy routines outside. However, by simply building mini bar, you can get fun experience even right inside home, without further need of going outside. For example, close to wild life themed living room, you put wooden island area with white countertop as bar arrangement. After that, wooden bar stools are also added but with soft creamy cushions.

What about much simpler design? Simple look is coupled with elegant theme as natural stones are mainly used. In this mini bar design, white marble stone becomes counter, whereas granite stone pieces are attached together in flooring surface and drawers. Yellow lamp choice is further making comfy nuance and cozy zone too. Cheer up through usage of green lime color line. Lampshade hung above is on rectangular shape and painted in fresh green, whereas bar stools are chosen from green tone too.

Another mini bar is looking so eclectic in white color choice. It has wooden pieces attached as backsplash design, among white painted walls. Bar itself is mainly designed with white marble stone and wooden bar stools. After that, sparkling lights are hung to white string on ceiling. Classy bar with simple and compact idea is seen in this container or closet. Cupboard has numerous drawers and cellars to put wine and liquor, and even counter table is still made too.

Contemporary bar is composed mainly of two colors, which are black and white. Black becomes accent wall built behind white cabinets and drawers. Glass doors in cabinets even creates modern look slightly. And for island, elegant black stone is paired with white drawers and black bar stools. However, if you want to chill out in modern mini bar, black drawers under white marble countertop, and then paired with orange marble table is perfect choice.