Stone and Brick Homes for Modern Pedestrian Look

My aunt has just bought a spacious landscape to build her dream house, so she looked for the stone and brick homes. She really likes natural materials like those. She planned to build the house as soon as possible at that time. Then, she came to my house to meet my father. My father is an architect. So, he would help her to build and design the house. My father once told her that my aunt should list what she wants for a house.
Designing the House

My aunt came again to my house several days later. She brought the list of building the house. She wanted to encompass the stone and brick to cover all her future house. My father caught what her sister wanted. Then, my father tried to draw the design. Based on my aunt’s explanation, my aunt wanted to have two story houses with spacious garden. The structure of the house used the stone, and then the structure would be featured by bricks. Those were only the outline. Then, my father asked my aunt when she started to build.
Building the House

My aunt has confirmed the time when to build the house. She had her own plans. She started to build the natural stone wall first. She used the natural stone combination wall. Hence, the fa├žade look modern and little bit pedestrian. She also applied the cemented pathway to go to the two spacious garages. The garages were built in wooden material. Then, the wooden garage would be seen to complete the house. Then, she would maintain the neat lawn to make the spacious garden in her house. Moreover, she also gave the accent to one side of the house. She applied the natural red brick wall.

Moreover, my aunt built the house in a great design. Thus, she arranged the decoration for beautify the house. She added the wall lamps. The lamps would be placed in every corner of the house. Hence, my aunt’s house would like to have little lantern from the far distance. It should be the positive impact of the right decoration for a house. Nevertheless, she has successfully created the combination of pedestrian and modern style for the house.