Stone Fireplace Designs Built for New Villa

Several weeks ago, my father in law’s villa had finished to be built, but he still looked for stone fireplace designs. He has not decided the design yet. He still looked for the suitable designs for the villa. If we talked about villa, it surely is located in a hill. Hence, it has cold and fresh air. I personally have ever visited there once before it has finished. I felt that the place is very pleasant and homey. Actually, my whole family could not wait to stay there in this holiday.
Choosing the Design

Thus, the goal of the villa was for this season holiday. Hence, my father in law wanted to finish the fireplace soon. Then, he looked for the design. I recommended several designs to him. They were modern spiral fireplace, classic natural stone fireplace, modern fireplace, rustic light brown fireplace, ornamented stone fireplace, and modern high stone fireplace. Fortunately, he likes the classic natural stone fireplace. Then, he would not only place the fireplace alone. It should be accompanied with the decorations and features. Those things would make the fireplace more stunning and incredible.
Arranging the Others

My father in law has decided the design about classic natural stone fireplace. The fortunate event was that the villa has built in high wooden ceiling and large glass windows. He started to place the furniture first. He placed the brown sofa set. The sofa would be completed with purple cushions. Those cushions would bring the convenient to whom sitting there. It was featured by wooden table. To make the warmer atmosphere, my father in law installed the wooden floor around the fireplace.

He moved to add some decorations there. He put the grey rug under the table. Then, he also added the classic sitting lamps to enlighten the room. He also added the classic chandelier in the middle of the room. He built the wooden wall shelves horizontally to the fireplace. Hence, it could be a place to set the antique painting. To neutralize the flame, my father in law put the plant pot in every corner. Surely, it could balance the room. It also create fresh atmosphere in the villa as well.