Stunning Modern House Design: The Eco-Friendly Home Extension

It is great to know that now there are so many modern house creations that use eco-friendly home design feature. There are more and more numbers of a stunning modern style living space designs that now using eco-friendly feature and one of those houses is this Sydney Home. This astonishing contemporary home design Anderson Architecture and MacKenzie Design Studio as the interior designer. This beautiful modern style house design is located in Mosman, Sydney and it is not originally an eco-friendly home design, the eco-friendly feature is coming from home extension creation that done by Anderson Architecture.

The original modern house plans that use by this special contemporary home design is not put eco-friendly system in it, but the extension part injected this system to the house. It is a low-energy space that develops by using open space setting. The open space setting allows this space to have great climate and temperature, which is why it doesn’t need air condition and excessive lighting system. This energy efficiency is something that should be developed by all designers in this era in order to be able to provide our future with better environmental condition.

The interior design of this perfect contemporary home design, moreover, is also the thing that makes this house so special. This adorable contemporary home design is supported by modern style interior decoration with the involvement of modern style furniture. The greatest thing of this adorable space setting is that every area of the house is supported with a great access to the beautiful outdoor area.

The design that developed by the designer of this gorgeous contemporary home design is something that not only able to inject in home extension design, isn’t it? Modern house design in Sidney is now become one of the best contemporary home designs with its “green” feature.