Teenage Girl Bedroom with Color Block Theme

Yes, decorate teenage girl bedroom will always be the trickiest things to do. We have to combine the girly look from the wall, floor, furniture and the other stuffs there. Actually, the girly look is come in various kinds depend on the theme that we want to obtain there like the color block theme. Then color block theme is divided into two kinds like soft color block theme and bold color block theme. You can choose one of them to be applied in your room perfectly.

The soft color block usually really suitable for you who love the girly look of the room is really felt there. The soft colors like soft pink, soft purple and soft blue then combined with white is really make the sense there so sweet and really candy look. You can obtain it if you are really girly and need the sweet and candy look there. Then for the bold is usually dominated with red, electric blue, white and black colors. Then this room is really suitable for you who love the bold colors as well.
Lime Green Color Block Theme

This lime green color block is included to the soft color block theme. For this room you just need the colors like white, lime green and citrus yellow. You will get the fresh impression there by obtaining the lime green color for the couch, bed sheet, and the curtain. Then the citrus yellow you can set in the floor, Pillow, Desk and the chairs. The rest set it in white to make it really fresh but still in soft colors that will really suitable for teenage girl.
Prime Shade Color Block Theme

Then you maybe you are already guessing it that this color block is included to the bold color block theme. The prime color is actually red, yellow and blue, but if you try to obtain your room in a white, black, and white color is better. Just set the floor and two sides of the room in white. Then the rest of the room’s wall just set in black together with the floor and the desk and the bed sheet. The red you can be applied in the curtains, in the bed, and the rug. Then have a nice teenage girl color block theme.