Walk in Closet Ideas for Extended Closet Renovation

My mother told me that she wanted to build a big closet to store her stuff, so she asked me about walk in closet ideas. The closet would allow her to store more stuff because the old closet could not store her stuff anymore. Then, she planned to expand the closet. Of course, expanding the space would change the things there. My mother should consider several things. She should arrange the whole theme to get the closet more fabulous. In other words, she should build the new theme for the closet. It would be cheaper.
Maintaining the Old

Even though my mother should change the theme, she did not want to throw away the old furniture. Of course, she should mix and match the old and the new one. The previous furniture, my mother placed the white opened closet. She also added the grey rug in the middle of the closet. Above the rug, she added the small white leather sofa. It could be considered as modern look. Yet, she wanted to extent the closet to have more storage.
Placing the New Furniture

As said previously, my mother did not want to throw away the old things. Then, she asked me to add simple closet shelves. Then, she could place those like corner closet. My mother wanted to add wide glass doors. She wanted to add steel vanity mirror to beautify the closet. Then, she wanted to create more accents like installing pattern floor. Moreover, she added the white chandelier in the middle of the room. Above the chandelier, she built the big square hidden lamp to enlighten the closet. More than that, my mother likes to place something that is contrasted to everything there. She planned to add the leopard rug above the grey rug.

Furthermore, the leopard rug would make the closet more beautiful. It could catch the attention to everyone who comes to the closet. My mother has built the extended closet successfully. She arranged all the furniture and the decoration by herself. She really put her taste to this closet. Of course, I also felt proud when I saw the result. She could combine the old and the new things proportionally.