Wall Pattern Ideas for Master Bedroom and Kid Bedroom

My brother in law has built a new house, and then he wanted to build rooms for kids and himself, so he would like to find wall pattern ideas. He ever thought that he should think the room design differently from his old house. Then, he thought the different design point of view. He would not think about the master bedroom only, but he also thought about the kid bedroom. Hence, he needed more review and inspiration to realize the dream. Of course, I was interested to watch and help him.
Design for the Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is usually being the centre of attention in a house. It usually has the biggest room space for bedroom. Therefore, people tend to design this room precisely. The design, of course, will bring the atmosphere to the room. My brother in law tended to have antique and classic design to his bedroom. Then, he planned to set the king size bed. For the wall, he applied the antique blue wallpaper. Then, he installed the natural stone floor for more beauty. He also set the classic white vanity table set for his wife. He added the antique sitting lamps aside the bed.
Design for the Kid Bedroom

Moving on the kid bedroom, he wanted to create something that is really playful and colorful. He installed the floral painting wallpaper. He added the rainbow storage for his kids. Then, he set the futuristic color palette wall partition to separate the room in order to create spacious room. To decorate the room, my brother in law made the innovative floral stitch pattern decoration to draw on the wall. Then, he added the white sitting lamp. Moreover, he placed the white rounded vase to make the room fresher.

Someone has ever said that the crucial part of a living house is the bedroom. This place is where the owner releases the stress after whole day activity. Then, it should be created in comfort and cozy atmosphere. Moreover, it should be able to create the positive mood for the livings there. Therefore, my brother in law has successfully designed the master bedroom