Wood Designer Bed Frame for Manly Theme Bedroom

My cousin wanted to have wood designer bed frame. He likes wood material very much. Then, he wanted to get the frame in wood as well. He did not want the ordinary wood bed frame. He wanted the exclusive one. He planned to get the designer. Then, he started to look for the bed frame he wanted. He browsed on the internet. He even asked his colleagues and friends from abroad. He really wanted the bed frame. Then, I wanted to help him to find the bed frame.
Planning the Room

My cousin asked me to help me finding what he wanted. I, then, asked my friend who are furniture designer. My friend suggested me to offer my cousin with a specific theme. The theme would represent the manly side because he is male. Then, I told my cousin about this matter. He told me that he agreed about the theme. Later on, he listed the major furniture that he wanted to place in his bedroom. He would choose the bed frame with antique bed frame with white head board.
Finding the Right

He has chosen the bed frame. Of course, it will be the best for him. He chose the antique one. Then, he needed to find the right decoration and features. He could put the satin brown quilt to cover the bed. Then, he could choose some cushions to beautify the bed look. Moreover, he could put the black chair bed aside to the bed. To sharpen the manly theme, he could stick the black and white paintings. To get more storage, he could place the small side tables. In addition, he could make storage under the bed.

To beautify the bed more, he could place the classic sitting lamps. The lamps would bring the warm atmosphere to the room. Those things should be adjusted to the bed frame theme. Then, my designer friend suggested my cousin to put black vase. He should fill the vase with artificial plant. More than that, the bed frame would look more fabulous if he could arrange the decoration and the features in balance proportion.