Wood House Interior for Hill House

I have ever visited my uncle’s house located in a hill, and then the house uses wood house interior. It is an amazing house. The house is very attractive from the outside. Then, my uncle invited my sister and me coming inside. We came inside carefully while looking around the design. Of course, my sister and I could not close our eyes. We could not believe in what we have seen there. My uncle designed the interior very luxury and elegant. Then, I asked my uncle to get to know more about the house.
What the Public Area as Living Room

My uncle invited my sister and me to the living room. Since it is in a hill, my uncle tried to encompass the view through the house. Then, my uncle derived the concept of open living house. He built wide glass windows to cover all parts of the house. While I was sitting in the living room, I could see the beautiful scenery there. My uncle also combined the living room with the television room. It became more fabulous by placing brown television desk in front of cream sofa. He put also the wooden book shelves aside the sofa.
What the Private Area

Talking about private area, my uncle invited us to take a rest in the bedroom. Then, I walked to my bedroom. While I walked, I saw the gorgeous kitchen there. In front of the kitchen, the dining room has classic chandelier above the classic table with benches and chairs. Coming inside to my bedroom, I saw the king size bed. It has wooden bed frame. Then, I could see the white lantern hanging above the bed. It will set mood to the room. Moreover, my uncle installed the artificial plants to decorate the wall.

On the other hands, my uncle arranged the garden to get the incredible theme. He built the side garden view place. Hence, we can relax while enjoying the garden in that place. Moreover, I wanted to stay longer there. Even though it is located in a hill, I would not feel cold because my uncle placed several fire places around the house. What fire places could catch my attention was the portable fire places that was set aside the sofa.