Wooden Bed Designs to Set Classic Theme Bedroom

My husband planned to decorate the new bedroom in the house, and then he came up with the wooden bed designs. He had planned the design well. He told me that many things had to consider. He started by listing the furniture of the bedroom. Then, he moved to the decorations. After listing what the needs, he calculated and estimated how much budgets he should spend for complete bedroom. Then, he would go to the detail like styles, shapes, and other details.
Things to Consider

My husband went to find the furniture. He found many bed styles like antique Victorian, classic American, classic luxury, classic unique, and drawer bunk bed. My husband likes something in classic and antique. Thus, he was attracted to buy the classic and antique one. Then, he told me that he is really interested in antique Victorian bed in king size bed. After seeing the bed, many ideas have come to his mind. He would draw the layout of the bed room. He could draw the wallpaper, curtain, sofa, table, lamp, and others.
Drawing the Layout

He placed the bed in the middle of the room. He put the small side table on the two sides. He also added the classic sitting lamp there. To be classier, he set the rubber floor. Then, he put red carpet in front of the bed. He applied the floral wallpaper to give the accent on the wall. For the curtain, he installed the blue flower curtain with white vitrage. Since the bedroom has space left. He put brown sofa in the corner. Our kids are likely to sit near the window, so he added the window benches on the square window.

Moreover, my husband wanted the bedroom to look fresh. Then, he put the flower pot in every corner of the room. He added white vanity table and vanity mirror to complete the room design. More than that, he wanted to create the classic theme to the bedroom. He planned to set all what he has planned previously. Therefore, I personally thought that the bedroom will have gorgeous look.