Wooden Metal Oval Bed for the Best Choice Bed

My colleague is looking for a unique bed for her bedroom, so I give her a suggestion to have wooden metal oval bed. This bed has great design and rather unusual. This bed will be great applied to her bedroom. It is because she works in the art major. Moreover, she wants to apply the unique design. Of course, this bed will be right for her. When I see the design, I imagine the hamster wheel. Yet, it has modified to the bed design. Nevertheless, this bed is worthy to take in the bedroom.
What to Consider for Bed

To complete the bedroom, she wants to add the various accessories to the bed. The accessories should bring the comfort when she will go to sleep. The comfort is the important thing to set in the bed. It is because the bed is the place where we release our stress. Moreover, we end our day on the bed. Here, we also wait for the new day. Therefore, the bed should be considered precisely. If someone does not get sleep well, this condition will affect her/his mood. Of course, it will influence the whole day.
What to Add in the Bed

Then, she asked me what to add to her bed. Looking up to her chosen bed, it has double bed. This is well-known as king size bed. Hence, it will be enough for two people. To give accent more natural, she can put the plaid blanket. Moreover, she can put orange blanket to contrast the natural look. More than that, the important stuff for bed is pillow. She can choose ornamented pattern pillow. She can add some white cushions to beautify the bed. If she wants more protection, she can add the white mosquito net. It will not only protect her, but it can also be the decoration.

Furthermore, my colleague does not want to have only the bed. She wants to add some additional furniture. Yet, the furniture should have similar theme to the bed. It will create the harmony between the bed and the other furniture. I told her that she can put the table and chair. She can place rounded line pattern table with wooden oval chair.