Moroccan Bathroom in Girly and Natural Mood

Moroccan styles will always interesting, moreover the Moroccan bathroom, the place where you can spend your “me time” there longer. Then you have to make it really comfortable and beautiful to linger longer. I give you two look here to be applied in your bathroom. The first is the Girly Moroccan style bathroom and the second is the Natural Moroccan style bathroom. You can make you own girly Moroccan bathroom by combining the sexy girly colors there. Then you can also make your natural Moroccan bathroom by combining the natural colors there.

The girly colors are including magenta, pink, purple and orange. You can blend it with black, just do not forget to make the girly colors in deep colors then it will looks more sexy for your bathroom. Then the natural colors are like amber, ivory, cream, black, grey, and the wooden and stony colors. You can make your own bathroom style by combining the sense of the Moroccan style and your own theme like the girly and natural. Just smartly choose the furniture and set the lighting perfectly.
Girly Moroccan Style Bathroom

The girly Moroccan style bathroom is really easy to obtain by set the purple wall and the floor in black. Then you can set the Magenta counter together with the wooden one and you can also set the magenta curtain there perfectly. The combinations of the purple and magenta are really perfect for the girly bathroom. Moreover you blend it with the black floor and the black Moroccan typical detailed room divider. Then you can enjoy your “me time” there as long as you want.
Natural Moroccan Style Bathroom

The natural style bathroom will also easy to obtain if you want. This bathroom concept is really make you bath in the sense of nature. First just set the wall in the stony white brick wall. Then set the floor in the round stony floor. You can also obtain the wide windows that face your thick garden. Then you can enjoy your garden when you taking a bath there. Set the large bath up for your satisfaction of bathing and enjoy your natural sense while taking a bath perfectly in Moroccan style bathroom.