Asian Restaurant Interior Design as the Typical Oriental Restaurant

My cousin wanted to expand her business to have an Asian restaurant, so that she looked for Asian restaurant interior design. The design should be like oriental look. She looked for the original oriental look. Hence, she gained more information about the design. She, then, asked her friend to get more inspiration. Her friend is the restaurant designer. Her friend got the specialty in oriental restaurant. Then, my cousin asked what she needs for the restaurant. Of course, my cousin got the recommendation from her friend.
What to Find

My cousin was really excited when she started to design her restaurant. She should list the needs. When she asked her designer friend, her friend suggested her to have the oriental characteristics for a restaurant. Moreover, her designer friend suggested my cousin to have the little research. My cousin should visit various Asian restaurants to get the inspiration. She should write what she found there. More than that, she might know the restaurant owner. Then, she could get the advice for the design and layout. Therefore, my cousin could get the fabulous interior restaurant design.
What to Place

My cousin has visited various Asian restaurants in several places. Then, she got several inspirations. From the little research, my cousin found that the typical Asian restaurant has the lantern lamp around the place. She, then, was going to place the lantern lamp to her restaurant. She also found that the typical Asian restaurant has many wooden table and wooden chair for there. In addition, she placed the brown wooden table with white table cloth. She featured the table with floral wooden chairs.

Moreover, she wanted to make the restaurant lighter by setting the lamps. My cousin also found that most Asian restaurant will have many lights there. She, then, placed the hidden lamps. She put the red lantern lamps for the restaurant. The lantern lamps would be placed outside the restaurant as the decoration. Moreover, she could design the restaurant greatly. I have seen the result for the restaurant. I saw the fabulous design of an Asian restaurant. I guarantee that her restaurant business will be success.