Bohemian Apartment Decorating Ideas in Colorful Rooms

My friend moved to a new apartment, and then she applied one of the Bohemian apartment decorating ideas. When she told me that she moved in a new place, I wanted to visit her new house. She mentioned why she chose the Bohemian style. She said that the design uses the colorful ideas. She likes something in colorful. Moreover, she also likes the thing with various patterns. On the other hands, her husband and her daughter did not mind due to the home design.
Coming to the House

I decided to visit my friend’s house last weekend. She greeted me and allowed me to sit in the living room. The living room is very unique. She applied the green soft wall for the room. Then, I myself sat on the green sofas with colorful pattern cushions. This place is also featured with arch standing lamp. Moreover, my friend asked me to sit in the family room. This place is completely different from the living room. It has white wall. Then, my friend placed brown sofa with small rectangular glass table. Under the table, I saw the zebra pattern rug. It was interesting I thought.
Seeing the Other Rooms

I sat in the family room alone for a while when my friend is busy in the kitchen. I decided to approach her in the kitchen. I walked through, and then I saw the yellow bend leather sofa in the television room. My friend featured the sofa with grey carpet and red hanging lamps. I walked again and saw the kitchen. She was making the meal for us. The kitchen is small but it is really attractive. She placed the pale blue wooden kitchen cabinets and counter there.

Then, my friend saw me and asked me if I wanted to see her daughter’s room. I asked where the room is. She pointed me the room. I walked and entered the room. I saw the fairy blue bedroom there. The room has sky blue wall with white bunk bed. My friend made the big pillar there as if it is a blue tree. I was fun I think. However, my friend saw me and asked to have dinner together.