Classic Contemporary Interior Design for My Mother’s New House

My mother wanted to build one more house in the country side, and then she looked for the classic contemporary interior design. She wanted to get the classic design for her house. Yet, she did not the ordinary design. She wanted to use her creation for the classic design. Thus, she combined the design with contemporary design. As known that, the contemporary design encompasses the asymmetric shape and mix furniture. It is what my mother likes. The contemporary design will allow her to dig more her creative side.
Where to Start

My mother has decided the design for the new house. Then, she started to choose the priority of the room. She would build the living room combined with the dining room. She said that she has thought about it for long time. She wanted to create the spacious room. Still, she wanted to add the glass folding door as the partition. The glass material will not give influence for the room space. After finishing the living room and dining room, she moved to think about her bedroom. Of course, she also thought about the bathroom.
Setting the Design

Starting with living room and the dining room, my mother wanted to get the similar design for the combination room. She wanted to place the brown sofas there. This sofa would face the big television. Behind the sofas, my mother installed the glass folding door. Then, she placed the white square dining table with light peach chairs. She also placed the half ball white chandelier above the table. Moreover, she installed the light brown wooden floor to get the right proportion.

After my mother has finished with the living room and the dining room things, she started to think about her bedroom. She wanted to get the simple classic contemporary design that time. She placed white bed frame there. She placed the black rug and the cream poufs on it. She also placed the red poufs as the substitution of the bed side table. She placed the black vanity table as well. Moreover, she decorated the bathroom in black ornamented tiles with white sink. Nevertheless, I cannot wait to see my mother’s new house.