Design Your Own Room for Your Own Taste

You can easily try to design your own room in a modern touch. For the first move, you can just sketch it in a slice of paper and you can try to obtain the design that you really want. After you design it in a slice of paper, you can easily color it with the colors that you want. Then after the concept is really mature, you can decide whether your dream room is in what style or theme. After you know what kind of style that you want, you can easily to obtain the stuffs that will make your room in a total look that you want.

The style that usually come to us are variously from the modern, vintage, minimalist, Victorian, French look or even Moroccan look. You can compare your picture to the house design magazine or in the internet. After that you can easily try to obtain the one that will make you dream room come true. You do not need to make exactly the same room from your picture to the reality. Similar room is enough.
Vintage Style Room

Vintage room is closely related to the girly touch that usually trimmed by the sweet colors like peach, soft pink, cream, scarlet or even amber. Then just set the wall with those colors that might you love. Then set the floor in a pale wooden color or the dark one. After that you can easily try to obtain the stuffs that also covered by the wall colors, you can also combine it with the ivory to make it not really boring. Then just put a vase of flowers to make the girly mood come across your bedroom precisely.
Modern Style Room

If you try to obtain the modern look room you can easily play the color blocks there. For example you can use the lime fresh color block theme that only use the lime green, yellow citrus, and white in a room. You can set them balance in your room. You can set the white color for the floor and the couch then the lime green for the wall and the yellow for the rug and curtains. You can also get the wide window to obtain the fresh air and natural sun shine in your lime green colors theme.