Interior Decoration Themes for Girly Modern Living Room

Then If you try to obtain the interior decoration themes modernly you can start to think about the stuffs that come in simply design and colors. Then it will take different decorations if you try to obtain the girly modern living room. Just remember that girly is not only about pinky stuffs, but you can trim your living room in girly modern mood by placing the girl stuffs like flowers, butterflies, or even the ribbon things there perfectly. Then just combine it with the cheerful colors like lime green, orange, or even the rainbow colors.

The wall and the floor will truly affect the mood of your living room perfectly. Then you can try to make your room in a cheery mood by use the colorful wall paints. Then for the floor you can easily use the pale wooden colors or just make it in a white then you can decorate it with the rug or carpet in a color that blend to the theme inside. If you get the lime green to the wall then it is better to set the rug or the carpet in a light green or the grass green to make it blend to the wall and the floor.
Fresh Green Girly Living Room

The girly stuffs are not always pink. Then you can try to obtain the stuffs that shaped in a flower, butterfly or even heart. The colors that you can be obtained from the girly stuffs are the cheery colors like lime green, yellow, white, and olive for the fresh green girly shade of living room. The white stuffs that might make the mood set in the floor and couch. Then you can set the rug in a lime green color or yellow. Then for the wall you can combine the olive and lime grass green there.
The Girly Stuffs

Do not forget to the girly stuffs that will trim your girly room as well. You can try to obtain the ball shape chandelier that trimmed by the butterflies and hang upon the ceiling perfectly. You can obtain three chandeliers like that there and set it asymmetrically. Then the rug, find the one in a color that made of wood or the other silky things, and then for the last girly stuffs is just set a vase of flowers there to make the fresh look there.