Interior Home Design in Combination Theme House

Once I visited my colleague abroad, I really amazed to her interior home design. She maintained all the things very well. She built the interior with unique design. What it made a unique design was that she tried to combine all the themes there. Hence, if you visited her house for example, you would find distinctive theme for each room. Then, she divided the house for public place and the private place. Of course, the public places are like living room, kitchen, and dining room. Meanwhile, the public places are like bathroom and bedroom.
Coming to Public Place

When I arrived there, my colleague directly invited me to the living room. She could maintain the room decoration very chic and catchy. I thought that the interior design was started with the building structure. Her building structure integrated the open living house concept. Hence, the living room faces the large steel framed windows. It is also utilized to be the door at once. She put the black sofa vertically to the door. In front of the sofa, she placed the wooden table. Then, she put also the unique squash chandelier above the table.
Coming to Private Place

Of course, I planned to sleep over to my colleague’s house. Then, she allowed me to go to the bedroom. She permitted me to find my own room. It was because she has many rooms in the house. I picked the room with the fireplace inside. This room reminded me to the classic design. Once again, my colleague has successfully made me amazed. She placed the king size bed there with grey color. Then, the natural brick fireplace is in front of the bed. Moreover, she placed the single grey sofa near the fireplace.

Exploring my colleague’s house would not be enough. I wanted to extent my holiday there. Yet, I saw the other room before I went back to my country. I saw where she works every day. The workroom is very simple. I only saw black wooden desk with black wooden chair as well. I saw the square steel framed windows there. This window made the atmosphere fresher. Anyway, it was the fantastic experience to visit her house.