Italian Kitchen for Modern, Traditional, and Futuristic Design

My mother and my sister wanted to build a new kitchen in their house, and then they have similar kitchen design like the Italian kitchen. My mother and I asked me to accompany them choosing the kitchen furniture and the decoration that time. It was about two months ago. They came from a store to another store in the shopping center. Yet, they did not find the kitchen furniture. After several hours of choosing in the several stores also, they finally found the design. Then, I was called again a month later after the last shopping. They said that their kitchen has finished.
My Sister’s Kitchen

I decided to visit my sister first. My sister has combined the modern and traditional kitchen for her house. I was just curious how the kitchen looks like. I could not imagine how my sister maintains the furniture and the decorations. I entered the house while my sister was in the kitchen. She installed the brown wooden cabinets combined with brown stone accent for the kitchen counter. Then, she placed the wooden dining table with wooden chairs in front of the kitchen counter. Moreover, she placed the sliding door for the kitchen cupboard.
My mother’s Kitchen

My mother has differently design for her kitchen even though it has similar type. When I came to her house, she asked me to go to the kitchen. She followed me. I saw the contrast design from my sister’s. My mother chose the modern and futuristic design. She placed the white kitchen cabinets with stainless steel backsplash. She also chose the white and stainless steel kitchen counter under the cabinets. It represents the modern design.

Moreover, I could see the differences between my mother and sister for choosing the design. Still, I should convince that my mother’s kitchen is more interesting than my sister’s. I saw the interesting design from the kitchen island. This kitchen island is placed in front of the kitchen counter. My mother placed the orange kitchen island. I did not expect that the island has a special feature until my mother turned off the lamps. I could see that the round part of the island can shine rounded the edge. However, it was fun seeing them to have a new kitchen.