Italian Kitchen Urban Redecorate Idea by New Italian Chef

My old friend planned to get the Italian touch in his house, and then he was interested in building Italian kitchen urban. He is the newcomer in the chef world. Then, he took the Italian food as his specialty. Of course, he wanted to redecorate his kitchen to have the Italian design. Since he would cook various Italian dishes, he should arrange the kitchen appliances like traditional Italian oven. This oven would help him to cook the pizza. Therefore, he planned to find the right design for his kitchen.
Redecorating Plan

As said previously, my friend wanted to find the right kitchen design. Yet, he wanted to integrate the urban touch to his kitchen. Since he has already had the old kitchen in his house, he tended to redecorate that instead of changing all the kitchen parts. He, then, told me that he started with listing the furniture and the decorations. After listing the needs, he looked for the furniture and the decorations. Like he has said before, he wanted to build the traditional kitchen oven. He wanted to make it in small size regarding to his kitchen size.
The Old Kitchen Looks Like

Before my friend redecorated his kitchen, I have ever visited his kitchen once. The kitchen, actually, has already in modern style. Yet, he wanted to add the urban style there. When I saw the kitchen, the kitchen is not too small and too big. I thought that the kitchen has great size for a bachelor chef. He set the kitchen for black and white modern design. He placed black kitchen counters and black kitchen cabinets. Moreover, his kitchen is very clean and neat.

Furthermore, my friend did not only place the cabinets in black. He added white kitchen under cabinets. He also installed the black ceramic kitchen wall shelves. He put various glasses and ingredient jars there. He, then, added the white square kitchen chimney above the kitchen counters. He installed the white ceramic floor to make the room lighter. He also added the three white ball chandeliers aside the chimney. Hence, he would only add the traditional Italian oven there actually.