Kids Wardrobes for the New Year Gifts

Kids Wardrobes for the New Year Gifts My mother wanted to buy kids wardrobes for her grandchildren. She said her plan to me. She wanted to give a New Year gift for her grandchildren. I was a little bit surprised that time. She has five grandchildren anyway. Hence, she wanted to buy five wardrobes as well. Then, she asked all of her children about the plan. She asked her grandchildren’s favorite things. That time, I also mentioned my son’s favorite. I thought that she wanted to create and design the wardrobe herself.
Planning Ahead

My mother noted all of our explanations. She wanted to get the details for the wardrobe. Then, she told us that she would order the wardrobes in the furniture manufacture. Hence, she could get the best quality wardrobe. After a while, my mother told to us that she will design the wardrobe models like apartment, doll house, Castile or fort, and three door wardrobes. She wanted to give the present before the kids came back to school. Hence, she only had a month left before school starts that time.
The Result of the Wardrobes

She designed the wardrobes and sent the designs to the furniture manufacture. The employees there said that the wardrobes will be finished in three weeks. Yet, my mother wanted to get them faster. She asked for two weeks. As usual, the employees were not sure for the request. My mother then looked forward in two weeks again. After two weeks, she was called by the manufacturer that they will send the furniture in two days. My mother is really happy that time. Two days after that, she checked the shipment in her children’s house. All the children including me were very grateful for the New Year gifts. My brother got the brown fort. My sister got pink doll house wardrobe, blue apartment wardrobe, and grey apartment wardrobe since she has a daughter and two sons. Meanwhile, I got the three-door wardrobe with large mirror for my daughter. Moreover, my mother wanted to visit our house the next day to see the wardrobes’ result. However, I would wait for her in the house.