Kitchen Areas with Cheery Color Block Theme

It would be really boring if your kitchen set in a usual kitchen areas theme. Then you will need the unusual kitchen look that will make you cheer up and happy to linger longer there. Then the cheery mood of the color block will give you the different sensation to your kitchen. Just play with the colors and make your kitchen shining out and boost your everyday mood. Before you paint the wall and set the floor, you can try to obtain the wide windows in it to make your kitchen more fresh and spacious.

The colors that usually include to the cheery mood are yellow, orange, red, electric blue and lime green. Do not forget to set the neutral color like black, white or wooden colors to make the colors blend perfectly. This kinds of colors not only you can set to the wall and the floor, you can trim your kitchen with the colorful kitchen appliances like the teapot, pans, bowls, plates, and the mugs. Just freely set them in an arrangement that not only to make them tidy but also can trim your kitchen perfectly.
The Wall and the Floor

Because you try to make your kitchen in a cheery mood, it is better to set them in colors that I mentioned in the previous paragraph like yellow, orange, red, electric blue and lime green. Then you can set the wall in a school bus yellow or sunglow that will make your wall in a total cheery mood. If you want to make it little bit calm, you can combine it in with the stony wall as the half of the wall. After the wall is set, you can set the floor in black or the other natural colors. If you prefer the other color for your wall it is okay, just make sure that the colors that you choose are include to the cheery colors.
Juggle the Colors

After you get your yellow wall and the black floor, you can start to set the counter and the cabinets. You can make it in red, electric blue or even lime green. Said it that you set the counters and the cabinets in lime green, then you can set the round wool rug there in red and the bar stools in electric blue. Do not forget that you are also having windows. You can set the curtains there in a red like the rug or the electric blue like a bar stools. Just feel free to set the colors in your kitchen to make you comfortable to linger there longer.