Luxury Log Home Plans in My Grandmother’s Friend House

I visited my grandmother’s friend whose house is in a hill, and then I saw that she built one of the luxury log home plans. As known that, the log home is the typical house in a hill. It has big pillar that is built from stone or wood. The log house looks very tough from the outside. It also has many windows. Hence, the house has a good air circulation. Thus, you can breathe more fresh air when you stay in this kind of house. Moreover, most log home owners build the wide windows to allow the sunlight coming to house as well.
Around the House

I just visited the house once, but I cannot forget the experience there. When I arrived for the first time, I saw wide landscape there. I thought that it is like a forest. Of course, the air is very fresh. I felt the different from the down town air. I walked around to the house. I found natural stone fireplace aside the house. I also saw the wooden bench there. Near the fireplace, I saw the stone arrangement there. Then, the stone is in well arrangement as well. However, it was wonderful house that I have ever seen. The house is very big for a small family like mine.
The House Looks Like

I saw the house is like the other log homes. My grandmother’s friend built the house in the combination of wood and stone material. She used the wood for the structures and the walls. Meanwhile, she used the stone as complement. She used the natural stone for the pillars of the house. She also used the stone to build the chimney as well. I could see that the house is in a good proportion. She maintained the house well.

Furthermore, I saw the small fountain beautifying the façade. Even though it is in a hill that means there are many plants there, my grandmother’s friend made a small garden there. The garden consists of several flower kinds. Hence, I could see colorful flowers there. Moreover, I could forget my experience when I explored outside the house because it has beautiful scenery there.