Modern Moroccan Décor for Different Color Rooms

My friend invited me to her new house, and then she told me that she finally built the Moroccan house with modern Moroccan décor. My friend wanted to get the party for her new house. Hence, I was invited to her house. Then, she told me to come early before the party. Actually, I would arrive there early before she told that. Moreover, I asked her to walk around seeing her house. I was really curious about that. Furthermore, she told me that she applies the modern decoration for the house.
Coming Inside the House

The party day came, and then I have prepared for the party gift. Moreover, I was ready to explore her house for sure. I arrived in the front of the door. I looked at the outside of the house. I did not see the really Moroccan design there. Then, I knocked the door. My friend greeted me very well. She asked me to sit in the living room. I just looked around while she got me a drink in the kitchen. I saw wide frameless window there. I sat on the colorful Moroccan divan in the middle of the room. The strange thing there is the disco lamp hanging above the wooden Moroccan table.
More about the House

My friend came by bringing me a drink. She explained that she has different living room instead of this room. She asked me if I wanted to see the room. Of course, I did want to see it. This time, she told me that the living room is very orange like she said. She put the orange wall there. She placed the brown divan there. Suddenly, I wanted to go to the bathroom. I saw that my friend designed the bathroom in purple wall.

Moreover, my friend placed the bathroom furniture for the right proportion. She placed like white bathroom vanity tables, large windows, and wall lamps. I could saw how much effort that my friend did for the house. I could see the great home design for sure. She applied the colorful design for different room. The dark was coming, and then the party would be started soon.