Modern Sweet Ambiance Apartment Design Ideas

In this article I would like you let you mix the modern look of apartment with the sweet ambiance that usually modern apartment design ideas does not have. The sense of modern will sorely felt from the simple furniture exist and the lighting. Then the sweet ambiance will obtained from the wall and floor colors that can make your apartment more comfortable to live. The beautiful sweet sense of the natural colors and the wooden stuffs will trim the apartment perfectly in a modern together with sweet ambiance.

The sweet ambiance will easily obtained from the natural colors like the cream, all of the shade of brown, black, and ivory color. You can also put the sweet things in the apartment like a vase of flowers, indoor plants, and chic sitting lamps and set the hidden lamps that will make the apartment sweeter. Then for the modern touch you can start to obtain the natural colors of simple design couch, simple chandelier, simple plain rug, and black partition. The pot that used as the indoor plant media you can try to obtain the one that made of chrome or stainless steel.
The Modern Sweet Ambiance Bedroom

We know that the modern sweet ambiance bedroom will use the natural colors of wall, like the sweet light brown, cream and ivory then for the floor you can set it in wooden floor. The wooden floor that you can obtain is the one that in light or dark brown wooden floor that might really suitable for the sweet ambiance in the bedroom as well. The polished one is better if you want to set it in a modern look of bedroom. Then set the bed in cream and light brown colors, then the rug in a black and the other stuffs in a mate colors.
The Modern Sweet Ambiance Living Room

In the living room we find the fireplace. Then it is better to set in a white brick or the bare stony color that will make the sweet ambiance of the room sorely felt there. Then you can set the wall in cream or light brown, and then the floor in pale wooden color. The lighting of the room you can set in a white bright light as hidden lamps or in the sitting or standing lamps as well. Always keep in mind that you have to put the simple stuffs to keep the modern look there.