Moroccan Bedroom in a Chic and Modern Sense

If you try to obtain the ethnical and chic bedroom, then the Moroccan bedroom style will be the best choice for you. You can make your own Moroccan bedroom as you want the sense that will be come across your room precisely. The Moroccan style that usually take you to the crowd and colorful sense, now you can create it in a sense that you want like the girly, modern, minimalist or even classic. Then just smartly choose the mood that you can obtain it through the stuffs and the furniture

The wall and the floor will really help you to obtain the mood that you want. Like the soft colors that will help you to trim your chic and girly mood right inside your Moroccan room. Then the Natural colors are really suitable for almost the entire theme, but it will really suitable if you use it in a classical Moroccan style bedroom. Then the bold colors will make your room in a cheery mood. The chandelier and the typical embroidery will make the Moroccan style in your bedroom perfectly obtained.
Moroccan Chic Bedroom

For the chic look in your Moroccan style bedroom, you can easily get from using the soft colors like purple in your bedroom. You can use the purple vanity desk and the purple stripes bed cover to make your bedroom in a girly sense and chic look. You can also set the floor in a wooden one and cover it with the rug that made of wool and has flowery typical Moroccan motives for your chic look Moroccan bedroom. Then set the Moroccan dimmer hat made of glass that you can put it in he floor in your bed time.
Moroccan Modern Bedroom

If you want to combine the modern sense in your Moroccan style bedroom, you can try to set your bedroom modernly first. I mean, just set the glossy and simple stuffs there in a soft and natural colors. Hen for the Moroccan touch, you can hang the typical engravings chandeliers and set the Moroccan typical motives rug beneath the bed. You can also set the colorful cushions there to enliven your modern Moroccan style bedroom as well.