New Furniture Designs with Two Symbols Beyond

I visited the extraordinary exhibition last month, and then I saw the new furniture designs. The designs were taken from the unused things in the house. Then, the exhibition showed the new look of those unused things. I was there with my friend. He is one of the art lovers. Perhaps, I would not be there if he did not ask me go with him. The exhibition was located in a dark room with black background. It made the intensity atmosphere in the room.
What to See There

I was not really excited when my friend asked me to accompany him in an exhibition. Yet, he insisted me to see the exhibition. He and I arrived in the exhibition location. I walked through the entrance door. Then, I got spectacular moment there. I saw something unusual for an exhibition. I saw five distinctive stages in the room. Every stage has its own story. My friend and I walked to the first stage. I saw a garage setting with white cupboard. I saw also the neon bar lamps hanging on the ceiling. There was also the brown leather sofa, red sand sack, and an old car.
More about the Exhibition

My friend and I moved to the other setting. The second stage is about the former industrial garage in which is integrated with brown wooden bed in the middle of the setting. Then, we walked to the third setting in the exhibition. We saw the combination of beach setting and the bedroom. My friend said to me that those things symbolize the flexibility and informal line creating the varied lifestyles of people. Moreover, we moved to the gentle and sleek theme setting. I saw the combination of baby pink and mint green for the setting.

The last setting, my friend and I saw the baby blue wardrobe with wedding gown. I also saw the white hanging lamps that can give the good proportion in the setting. More than that, my friend said to me that the artist wants to show two symbols in the exhibition. They are the door and the desire objects. The door represents the chances for the future. Meanwhile, the desire objects show the imaginary of the youth like wedding.