Stone House Bordered by a Hill

I had a job to visit a stone house in a particular country last month. I can say that it is a unique house design. I have never seen the house design before. I amazed to the house design since I stepped on the gate way. The house has the combination of stone and stone. Still, the main element there is the stone. Before going inside, I found the stone fence combined with green line fence. Hence, I could see the house in between the lines.
Meeting the Housekeeper

I met the housekeeper of the house. Then, she allowed me to come inside. The housekeeper is very kind on me. She accompanied me to observe the house. We walked to the entrance door. While walking, I asked her more about the house. That time, we walked on the grey stone pathway. The pathway drives us to the entrance door and the main house part. In addition, I saw small parks rounded the house. It consists of various plants I think. She then showed me that the house has wide windows in wooden frames. Then, the windows are covered by wooden blinds as well.
About the House

The housekeeper then said to me that the house actually is underground. I did not notice it. I was little bit surprised. She proved it by showing me the floor plans. She also showed me the land roof above the house. The house is bordered by a hill in the residence. Moreover, she added that the house also adopted the spiral shape to build the main building structure. I could see the bend wall on the roof. Meanwhile, the owner added the small garden for the open space in the middle of the building.

Coming inside the house, the housekeeper allowed me to sit in one of the room. While we were walking to the room, I saw the long corridor there. I saw the wooden roof with stone wall, and grey stone floor. The house is balanced by installing the wide windows and glass doors. We entered a room with wooden table and wooden benches. The room ahs difference wall. The wall is from wood. Hence, it makes the room more beautiful. However, I enjoyed my trip there for sure.