The Breezehouse is the Paradise for Summer

Last summer I went to the Breezehouse, my brother’s house, in Healdsburg, California. First time I saw the house is really amazing. I know my brother is a nature lover, but I never thought that he will build his house in this adorable look. The wooden wall that perfectly combined with the grey window and door pane is really adorable as one part of modern natural dwelling. The garden and the backyard seemed really large and spacious, but I do not know, the scenery there like in a drought or it is just my over thought.

Although the scenery around his houses not really good for me, but the swimming pool is my favorite spot in his house. I knew that was summer and his swimming pool seemed like heaven for me. There he provided me yellow longue chairs complete with its large umbrella to sunbathing and a small table to put drinks there perfectly. My last year summer became so wonderful by spent my time in my brother’s house.
The Minimalist Modern Kitchen and Dining Room

He knew that I love to have my breakfast or lunch with outdoor view, then he tell me that he build the kitchen and the dining room because remember of me. He set wide windows in the kitchen and the dining room. Then I love to spent my holiday there, the next summer I wish to spend there. The wooden floor and the wooden cabinets seemed really unite and trim the room perfectly. The simple chandeliers in the kitchen looks perfect hang upon the ceiling.
The Bedroom

Then at there, I sleep in a small bedroom, but he was really comfortable. The double bed that really puffy with the soft bed sheet. The most interesting there is the typical motive curtain that really lovely. I have no idea what kind of motive in it, maybe Moroccan or European middle age, or something like that, I am not sure, but surely that was awesome. Then my brother set me a green rug that really suitable for the wooden floor there. Moreover, he always set a vase of flowers for me in it. What a sweet brother ever.