Washington Place: When Modern Touch Meets Classic

Yesterday, I went to my college friend’s dwelling to do our group assignment in Greenwich Village, Washington place. First time I arrive at his house I did really amazed and bewitched. The house is has a modern furniture but set in a classic setting. The perfect combination for him that is really loves the classics ambiance and modern stuffs. We spent more time in the living room and the outdoor nook. The Outdoor nook is really adorable; the frame of the nook is made of woods and really blends to the seat that set in brown.

The outdoor nook is set in the end of his backyard, set in a left and right corner of the backyard. Then in the between of the nooks there is a small pond that really perfect to be set there to trim his backyard perfectly. Not only outdoor nooks, but also an outdoor kitchen complete with its grills and the sink that made of stainless steel. The brick wall makes the ambiance there more classic and the grey floor perfectly match to the brick color and the wooden nooks.
The Comfortable Living Room

Not only in the backyard, but also in his living room set the brick wall. That combined with the white wall and the modern stainless steel fireplace. The shape of the couch, the soft rug, the LED television, and the wide windows perfectly make the modern sense there completely unite with the classical ambiance from the wall and the wooden floor. The living room was really comfortable and really cozy. I do not know i just really love the sense there to feel the breeze from his backyard.
The Adorable Dining Room

Because we finished our assignment till evening, he offered me to have a dinner with him. Then viola, I saw the really adorable dining room that set in wooden floor and stony wall. The dining table and chairs seemed set for a big family remember that the chairs there was not only for four or five but about for ten people. He set five grey dining chairs in the left of the dining set and the wooden bench in the other side of the dining set. One more thing that you have to know is the rail of the stairs that made of glass. That was really cool and I love the glass thing trimmed the stairs perfectly.